Welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy yourself as you meander through my creations.  On each page I will talk a little about the showcased medium and explain a little bit about my relationship with my creative  process in working with there materials. Enjoy!

​​Tiffany's Art Cycle

  1. March 2016
    Spring Bazaar
    Highlands Ranch, CO
  2. Saturday and Sunday: August 5-6, 2017
    Grand Lake Craft Fair
    Grand Lake, CO
  3. Saturday: October 8, 2017
    Curated Thrift Indoor Craft Market
    Ivy Wild School, Colorado Springs, CO
  4. Saturday and Sunday: December 9-10, 2017
    Palmer High School Band Craft Fair
    Palmer High School 325 N. Wasatch, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903