Welcome to my website! I hope you enjoy yourself as you meander through my creations.  On each page I will talk a little about the showcased medium and explain a little bit about my relationship with my creative  process in working with there materials. Enjoy!

​​Tiffany's Art Cycle


If you can dream it, I can create it!

About Tiffany
Luke and Tiffany
I live in Colorado with my awesome sauce  husband Luke, and our four furry friends Bruce Lee, Duncan, Zorro and Coal.  
​I have been creating since I was very small and I am always looking for new challenges.
I believe that we are all  creators of our own realities, the  intention of my work then is  to help inspire  fun and loving realities for myslef and others. Rest assure that each of my creations was crafted with love. 
I look forward to meeting each new person and creating each new treasure! Feel free to contact me below. 
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