These are all of my random creations, things that didn't quite fit in anywhere else. 
These are all usually the result of some idea I came up with and had to make a reality. 

Random Creations Gallery

  1. Title 22
    Title 22
  2. Title 21
    Title 21
  3. Title 20
    Title 20
  4. Title 19
    Title 19
  5. pan, satyre, horns, winter solstice
    Horns I made for a Winter Solstice party what fun they were to wear!
  6. pan, high heeled hooves
    hooves made to go along with my Pan outfit for Winter Solstice Party
  7. wings winged nymph organza copper large zorro
    Large Wings
    These are the wings I made for my "winged nymph" costume, they proved to be a little heavy, working on a cage for them to attach to. Unless they sell. That's my Zorro in the picture as well! Made from copper and organza
  8. Bohemian Dream Catcher, Feathers, feathers dream catcher, gold dream catcher, purple dream catchers
    Bohemian Dream Catchers
    Dream Catchers made with different kinds of ribbon and feathers.
  9. blue chandelier, teal chandelier, gold lights, gold and teal, gold and blue
    Blue Chandelier
    Blue Chandelier overhaul project
  10. moccasins headband, leather top, nymph woodland nymph moccasins renaissance fair
    Nymph Costume
    This one was supposed to be a "winged nymph" however the wings proved to be a little more heavy than anticipated. However still a great costume. I made the headband, the leather top, the skirt, the jewelry, and the moccasins.
  11. tree, birds kissing, wine lables
    bottles label
    labels made for my wedding
  12. dream catcher buffalo tooth
    Dream Catcher with buffalo tooth
  13. reupholstered and painted chair, chair face lift Da Vinci fabric
    reupholstered chair with Da Vinci fabric
  14. wedding, lanterns, star lanterns, red gold and teal wedding
    star lanterns and various others made for wedding
  15. Palm Reading Sign
    Frame Distressed for this picture
  16. Wedding Stencil Invitation
    Stamp Made for Wedding Invitations
  17. helmet, pink, Seymore, Eye man
    Seymore The seeing eye helmet
    Decoration on my helmet, Seymore checks out the scenery and watches my back while out and about!
  18. Old Headboard Chandelier
    Chandelier made from an old wicker headboard that Luke and I found at the ARC, I had lots of fun creating this one with my love. I have recently changed the plant hanging from it to a Wandering Jew, so my Fishhook could be happier in the window.
  19. The Wall Mask
    Mask made for Halloween from Pink Floyd's' The Wall
  20. Cow Skull
  21. Music Shelf
  22. VooDoo
    Drawing inspired from a palette