If you can dream it, I can create it!

  I love taking things that I have found or someone has gifted to me, looking at them and seeing  what wants to come out and be experienced and making it happen.  
My journey into the upcycle realm of the world didn't happen because it was hip or cool, but merely because I didn't have or wasn't willing to cough up the dough needed for any given project. 
 I strive at  trying my best to live by example, with everything from trying to make things for yourself to being an advocate for the things and  causes you believe in.

About Tiffany
Luke and Tiffany
Tiffany lives in Old Colorado City with her husband Luke and four furry friends. She has been creating since she was very small, always looking for new challenges.
She looks forward to creating treasures for people. She feels blessed to have found a partner as wonderful as her Luke always willing to jump in and help with her crazy ideas! Blessed and loved she passes on the good JuJu through her work.
Feel free to contact Tiffany about creating something for you, or for any general questions.